Kaleva, Michigan 

Rengo Sculpture Dedication

on the Kaleva Centennial Walkway

The Finlandia Foundation provided a grant to The Kaleva Historical Society to support the construction of a sculpture honoring Robert Rengo, long serving mayor and promoter of Kaleva. Andy Priest, metal artist, desiged the sculpture in the shape of the airplane Robert flew over the hump in China during WWII. The sculpture was installed at the south end of the Kaleva Centennial Walkway Park near 9 Mile Rd.

Mr. Rengo was one of the longest serving mayors in our nation! The Kaleva Historical Society and the Village of Kaleva wish to honor this great example of community service. Hopefully in the future, other sculptures can be constructed along the walkway honoring the traditions and people that have made Kaleva a great place to live!

Rengo family and community attended the dedication ceremony as well as the after celebration concert by Suttuma

Kaleva Historical Society held a concert celebration of the new sculpture at the Kaleva Roadside Park Pavilion where the Popular Finnish Folk Band: Suttuma entertained the crowd with enchanting songs and tunes from the Finnish and Karelian traditions. Sattuma is a family folk music group from Petrozavodsk, the republic of Karelia, NW Russia and has performed in festivals, clubs, concert halls, private parties and schools. The band performed instrumental music such as polkas, waltzes, shottish and songs. Songs are traditional from Karelia, Ingria, Finland, and performed in local dialects. Sattuma also composes its own songs in folk style. Their arrangements use traditional elements but are also open to more modern rhythms. Sattuma performs with 20 different instruments including violins, clarinet, accordion, bouzuki, 10-string kantele, jouhikko (bowed lyre), traditional flutes, bag pipe, and didgeridoo.


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